OFFICIAL: 7 Days of DEADPOOL 2 on WOBAM! Entertainment

We at WOBAM! Entertainment are excited to announce our latest series. The Merc with a Mouth is returning to the big screen in next week’s Deadpool 2, and to celebrate, we are planning a seven-day series of posts inspired by the new movie.

Beginning on Saturday, May 12th, we will publish a new post every day until May 18th, culminating with our review of Deadpool 2. For this series, we will look at Wade Wilson’s cinematic history so far, what we hope to see in the future, and…other things.

Check out our tentative schedule below, and be sure to tune in.

Day 1 (May 12th): Deadpool Review 
Day 2 (May 13th): X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review
Day 3 (May 14th): 5 Characters We Want to See in Deadpool 3
Day 4 (May 15th): 5 Storylines to Consider for Deadpool 3 
Day 5 (May 16th): The Case for a PG-13 Deadpool
Day 6 (May 17th): The Princess Bride review 
Day 7 (May 18th): Deadpool 2 Review

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