Review: LUKE CAGE Season 2

Sweet Christmas. Binge-watching 3 entire seasons of Netflix takes far longer then you might expect. It’s not like a 12 episode anime that usually takes about half a day. Luckily for me though, I had a lot of coffee to help me through it all.

Before I talk about the second season of Luke Cage, let me give you a brief rundown of what I think of the first season. The first season is a mixed bag. It’s like a team of soccer players did a fantastic job out on the field, but for some reason or another loses focus on the second half game. It’s almost to the point that season one feels like two different seasons with two different showrunners. However even though the second season is lower in quality, it does not overweight the good.

With that said, let’s go with the main meat for this post.

Like the previous season, season two focus on the struggle occurring in Harlem and Luke’s fight to stop it. While others might be disappointed that it is (to some degree) the same synopsis, I’m not one of them. In today’s age of comic book related TV-shows and movies, it’s quite refreshing to see a superhero at street level.

The writing and execution of their ideas are far better. I did not feel the same “filler feeling” in the latter part of the season as I did in the previous one. The acting is overall superb, and Mike Colter truly shines as the title character. He is to Luke Cage what Robert Downey Junior is to Iron Man.

Even though I liked this season, I do have some negatives. While the villains Mariah and Shades are written better than last season, they are still one of the weak links. With the end Season One, it makes sense to have some focus on them. But when I saw them, the only thing I could think of is “please go back to Luke or the real big bad.” Having a rinse and repeat of “Luke attacks bad guys, bad guys have no chance” can be a bit redundant. Luckily, they make up for it at the end.

If you like the Netflix Marvel shows, Luke Cage Season Two is guaranteed to be something worth watching. They continue upon the foundation that Season One created and made something great. Let’s hope that a third season is as good or even better.


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