Pilot Review: FAIRY TAIL: 100 YEAR QUEST

Before the review starts, I want to add this. I’m going to review the previous installation. It’s coming later due to my schedule. But that doesn’t mean that I want to skip the chance of another pilot review. This time for the “real” sequel to Hiro Mashimas most popular work called Fairy Tail, with the sequel called Fairytail 100 Years Quest.

The story begins a time after the big war that occurred at the end of the predecessor. Natsu and his group have decided to take a shot at the 100 years quest. A quest that no magician been able to finish.

It was quite the treat to return to the madmen that are the guild members of Fairy Tail. The art style, just like Eden Zero, is classic Mashima arts tyle. Maybe even more than his current science fiction adventure. The pilot chapter for 100 years quest is a simplistic but solid start for the new adventures of Natsu and his crazy acquaintances.

I have one “negative” with this chapter. I use quotations because the negative is more of a fear. With Hiro writing and producing this and Edens Zero simultaneously, I fear that both projects are going to be damaged because of this.

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