Review: DRAGON BALL HEROES Episode 2

While the search for Trunk continues, Goku, Vegeta, and Mai cross path with a mysterious foe who wields a weird KI.

Even though I got some flack for my review for this point, It’s worth repeating. Dragon Ball Heroes continues to be a massive disappointment. Just because they said that this is what we would be getting, doesn’t mean that we have to eat it up you are some mindless drone.

I give the episode this; It’s far better than the pilot episode. The animation is of higher quality, the action (the little that they manage to squeeze in) was far more engaging, even though I still felt like watched an episode chopped into pieces. The ending just frustrated me since it looked like it would finally be interesting The biggest question I have about this is why on earth does it take two weeks for them to crank out the second episode when they were able to crank out one episode of Super, that was double the length every week (that is if the release room between the pilot and this is anything to go by)

Going forward, I do hope that they take a cue from Tartakovskys Star Wars. Even though I’m not a fan of the show, they at least knew that if they want to have peoples attention for their micro-episode, the wait between can’t be so far away from each other if you want fans to give your show attention. Even if this is my second rant, I do hope it get’s better. Both as a Dragon Ball fan, but as a fan of this idea in general. This whole premise and idea is genius. Heck, this idea could have been something to use if they wanted to go bonkers and have an all-out Shonen Jump crossover.

I give this episode 4.5/10

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