Poster, Villain Revealed for DRAGON BALL SUPER Movie

Close to the end of Dragon Ball Super, knowledge of a new animated movie was released. Then in March, they released a short teaser, revealing that Son Goku will fight a new Saiyan threat without revealing WHO it was.

Flash forward to today, and we now know the answer. Toei Animation revealed the villain that is appearing is none other than the famous Broly. Broly is a fan favorite character made for a movie back in 1993. Since then, this character has appeared in three other movies, games and a spin-off manga which are all considered to be non-canon. This upcoming movie is said to be a canon sequel to Dragon Ball Super. This movie will also be the first time Broly will be written by the series creator Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly is set to be released in Japan 12.14.18. There is no news of an official western release yet.

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