Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Season 1

The Attack on Titan is a series that ended up as a monster of a franchise back in 2013. Because of this, I thought it could be fun to have a week of posts counting down the release of the third season which is releasing seven days from now. Starting this series off, I feel like I should start with what gave the series the popularity it has today.

In season one, we follow the likes of Eren Jaeger and his friend’s training so that they can be apart of the army that fights against the Titans, humanoid monsters who feeds on people like they were strawberries on a bush.

As you probably realized with my idea for this week, yes I am a fan. One of the biggest? I don’t know about that. The Attack on Titan franchise, both as a manga and anime is a franchise that is a perfect example of a story breathing new life in a tired genre while taping into the classic monster genre that Japan is synonymous within the entertainment industry. What genre might you ask? I’m talking about the Zombie genre. No matter if you are a fan/nonfan of Zombieland or The Walking Dead or what have you, it is pretty easy to find parallels between the Titans and Zombies.

The season starts off simple, focusing on the characters and their personal goals and dreams. But the later you get into the season, Attack on Titan’s proof that it’s not just a run of a mill monster killer story. The art and animation are both spectacular, with action that is some of the best that anime has to offer. Even though the characters might not be on par with Shakespear, I would still say that they are well-written characters that fit perfectly in this story with great voice actors on each part.

If there is anything you could argue about when it comes to Attack on Titan, then it is the tone.
I’m not saying that the tone doesn’t fit the type of story the author Hajime Isayama wants to tell. On the contrary, I would say it’s the perfect tone for it. But the show is as dark and grim that not everyone might be able to go through the season Netflix style even if you enjoy it (and I know some that are in that situation).

Season one of Attack on Titan is 25 episodes. The show is available on Crunchyroll and Hulu for you that want to watch it through a streaming service. It is also available in both Japanese sub and English dub.

I give this season a 9/10

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