When there’s trouble you know who to call… The Teen Titans make their big screen debut in DC’s latest film, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. Based on the Teen Titans Go! animated series, Go to the Movies is about Robin wanting to be a movie star. He sees every superhero in history getting a film, but not the Teen Titans. This is basically the entire plot of the movie. Does Teen Titans Go! to the Movies actually work? Well…

The film is in the same style as the show, with a bit more polish because of the bigger budget. The main antagonist is Slade Wilson (Will Arnett), an assassin who wants to mind control the world. The Titans have to save the planet from his evil schemes, while also making him their archnemesis (for the movie). The film is targeted at a very young audience. Don’t get me wrong it has some great moments (a Lion King parody in particular), but it’s going for that 5-10 age range. Some of the songs were clever and the performances were good, Nicolas Cage as Superman, in particular,
was a godsend, but the rest of the movie feels like a complete waste of time. The thing with these animated movies is that they are made for kids. The kids at theater seemed to enjoy it so mission accomplished, right?

All in all, Teen Titans Go to the Movies is a decent kid flick with zero substance. It’s not Incredibles II or even Young Justice. It’s an above average episode of Teen Titans Go! If you do decide to check out the film, stay until the end of the credits. You won’t want to miss it.

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies hits theaters July 27th.

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