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Sony Picks Up SKYWARD Movie Adaptation from Director Brad Peyton

Another day, another comic book movie enters development.

According to Variety, Sony Pictures has picked up the film rights to Image Comics’ Skyward, an original graphic novel by Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson. Henderson is also writing the movie script, which will be directed by Rampage‘s Brad Peyton.

Peyton gave the following statement on the announcement. “[Producer] Jeff [Fierson] and I are focused on making event films – regardless of budget or scope. Skyward is a big one. We’re very excited to deliver on what an anti-gravity movie should deliver on and be working with Joe Henderson on this.”

Skyward depicts a reality where people have lived in low-gravity for 20 years. The story follows a woman who has become adjusted to the minimal gravity, but she comes up with a dangerous plan to bring back gravity.

While this will be Brad Peyton’s first comic book movie, the filmmaker has a history of directing big-budget blockbusters. He previously did Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, San Andreas, and Rampage, all starring Dwayne Johnson. Now, how long until they announce that the two are collaborating again for Skyward?

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