In our latest installment of Movie News Bits, we have some Cowboy Ninja Viking casting news, an update on Flashpoint, Sin City news, a possible X-Force villain, and a trailer for the next Pokémon movie.

  • Quantico star Priyanka Chopra is in talks to join Universal’s Cowboy Ninja Viking, starring Chris Pratt and directed by Michelle MacLaren. If a deal closes, Chopra will play Sara Nix, a psychologist who monitors Duncan (Pratt) and may or may not develop feelings for him. In the Image Comics adaptation, Duncan is an assassin who embodies three personas: a cowboy, a ninja, and a viking. The film hits theaters on June 28th, 2019. (Source: Collider)
  • Ever since Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans have expected him to reprise the role in the Flashpoint movie. However, in a new interview, Morgan suggests that won’t happen anytime soon. He explains that when Zack Snyder was involved with DC Films, it was possible, but now that he’s out, they’re moving towards a standalone origin story for The Flash. Still, Morgan is down if they need him in the future. (Source: MTV)
  • Following the Weinsten Company’s sale to Lantern Capital Partners, the film and television rights to Sin City have reverted back to creator Frank Miller. Based on Miller’s graphic novel, the first Sin City movie came out in 2005, with the sequel A Dame to Kill For arriving in 2014. This deal gives Miller the rights to the first movie (but not the second), as well as the option to develop a television show if he wished. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Following Josh Brolin’s introduction as Cable in Deadpool 2, it sounds like he could take on a second role in X-Force. When asked about the introduction of Stryfe, a villain who is Cable’s genetic clone, creator Rob Liefeld strongly hinted at it. “Well, do you really hire Josh Brolin if you don’t want him to play both roles? We are perfectly assembled for an X-Force movie. And how do you not scratch that Stryfe itch, right?” While not 100% confirmed yet, Liefeld sounds very confident that Stryfe is coming. (Source: Nerdist)
  • And finally, The Pokémon Company has released a teaser trailer for its next movie, Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us. The story revolves around a small seaside town, where a series of incidents threaten the people and Pokémon living there. It’s up to Ash and Pikachu to save the day. Check out the trailer below. (Source: The Pokémon Company)

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