Hunter D
follows the lonely hunter D, who lives in a post-apocalyptic world. A world filled with demons, werewolves, mutants and of course vampires. One
day, D is forced to accept a job to slay
Lee Magnus, a powerful vampire lord, in order to save a young girl that is one of Magnus
latest victims.

I need to ask the readers something. Has
the creator of the Castlevania games talked about his inspiration? I’m asking
this because, when I was watching this, particularly
at the end of it, felt like I was watching an unofficial adaptation of
the game. Only to find out that the first Castlevania got released three years
after this movie’s source material.

But all the Castlevania questions aside, how was this movie? I can’t say it was good. I love the movies atmosphere, setting and all that
comes with it. But unlike Pet Shop of Horrors,
which knew how to fill its time limit (about 20 minutes), the movie is filled
with filler. By filler, I mean animation that
they re-use so it can be feature length. Even though I’m usually someone that
can overlook some questions that aren’t answered sometimes, I can’t deny that it doesn’t look good when it feels like the world
building is half and half with the questions
coming up because of it.

Is it the
worst thing I’ve seen? Far from it. But it is one of the most frustrating. The
potential is there. It could without a doubt be
something good, maybe something great even. In short, you could say that it’s
the botched potential that makes me tell you to ditch this movie. I’ve heard that the sequel, which I’m reviewing
on Sunday, is much better. Let’s all hope that’s the case.
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