SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE and BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM Returning to Theaters For Anniversary Release

Every one of you that reads this article has most likely heard the saying ”Time flies by like a speeding bullet” or something to that extent. Because of the 40th year anniversary, the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeves in the lead is coming back to the big screen for one night only.

The date for this event is November 25th or the 27th and it will occur in 500 theaters in the United States. There will be two showings each day, at 2 p.m and 7 p.m local time. They are doing this for the sake of celebrating the movies 40-year anniversary and the man of steels 80 years anniversary.

The road trip to nostalgia doesn’t end there though. The animated movie Mask of Phantasm (which I reviewed a while ago, and you can find it HERE) will also make a return to the big screen, although it will be a one night only at November 12, with the same screening times as Superman: The Movie. The re-release will be to celebrate Mask of Phantasm‘s 25-year anniversary. Like I told you in the beginning, time flies by like a speeding bullet.

Both of the movies will have a short movie connected to them. The man of steel will have a 10 minute Superman short called Mechanical Monsters which was released back in 1941, with the caped crusader having a Looney Tunes short from called Rabid Rider from 2010.

The tickets are available right now at Fathom Events! Make sure you go

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