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Recap: ARROW S7 E5 – The Demon

After the revelations from the last episode, we dive deeper into the workings of Level Two. Oliver sees just how twisted Dr. Parker’s practice is, plus we also meet an old friend. We learn that The Demon is none other than Talia Al Ghul, daughter of the demon. Pretty easy call but cool none the less. Especially considering she was left for dead at the end of season 5. The two have to set aside their differences and work together and escape.

This is a simple episode but it’s tons of fun. We have three stories going. Ollie and Talia breaking out of Level Two, Curtis regaining his fighting spirit, and Team Felicity continuing to track down Richardo Diaz. We didn’t have any flashforwards this episode but these mini-arcs definitely made up for it. They were mostly self-contained stories. Like I said, earlier our first story was about Ollie and Talia. They are trying to stop Dr. Parker and escape Level Two. He’s brainwashing inmates, and extreme circumstances, killing them. The two end up working their previous issues out and become allies. Oliver has a chance to leave but chooses to stay. Talia escapes and Oliver gets transferred back to Level One.
Felicity visits the prison and Stanley tells her what’s going on with Oliver. Knowing that no one survives Level Two, Felicity enlists Dinah and Laurel’s help. Not too much happens here, but they do get Level Two shut down. The final story was Curtis and Diggle trying to take down Malcolm Byrd. A.R.G.U.S. needs Curtis to go undercover and into the field. Ever since the season 6 finale, Curtis has been reluctant, preferring to stay behind the computer, a la Overwatch. Diggle helps him regain his confidence and they complete the mission.
Overall a solid filler episode. It was entertaining even if it didn’t push any major plot points forward. Every once and awhile we get a filler episode. If they make this as engaging as this, then I’ll be happy.
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