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Recap: ARROW S7 E6 – Due Process

As we get further along in the first quarter of the season, our main story starts to fall into place. This episode begins with Laurel visiting Oliver. She tells him everything that’s been going with his case. Ollie immediately dismisses Laurel, saying that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself, how Felicity would never work with Black Siren. Oliver’s been out of the loop for a few months, but his attitude is was uncalled for. Still, it’s a testament to how things have changed since he was locked up.

After the disbandment of Level Two, Level One has upped its security. Stanley gets sent to The Hole for the murder of a guard. Ollie thinks he’s framed by Turner, Sampson, and Brickwell. Turns out that Turner has a bloody knife hidden in the shower tile. Oliver tells the guards and Turner takes Stanley’s place in The Hole. We find out that Stanley is a shady guy in his own right. In the first draft of my review for episode four, I pointed out how Stanley said: “You can’t trust anyone in prison”. Now, I really wish I kept that part in. I never really trusted him from the start, and this is why.
Meanwhile, the rest of Team Arrow has to work together to catch Diaz, once and for all. Felicity blackmails Anatoly into helping them as well. We learn that Diaz and the Bow Hunters planted bombs that were going to destroy Star City. We get our information because Felicity is once again going way too far. She risks Anatoly’s life, and the only reason he survives is because Diggle rushes in to save him. This gets even crazier when we flashforward.

Yes, they have returned for this episode, it seems that it’ll be every other episode for the flashforwards. It turns out that Felicity has become the new Calculator. William and Roy don’t want to believe that Felicity would go down such a dark path, but Dinah reassures us that it’s true. We find that she hid a plan that would, again, level Star City. It looks like that’ll be the major focus of the flashforwards. Discover what happened to Felicity, and why is she reaching out to William.

So with Team Arrow working on the Diaz case, Laurel goes to court for Oliver. The does not rule in their favor, but it helps show Dinah how much Laurel has changed. With the help of Anatoly, the team goes after Diaz and the bombs. Ladies and gentlemen, they got’em. Diaz is taken into police custody. After 1¼ seasons, they have finally caught Richardo Diaz. This allows Laurel to bargain with the courts. Diaz for Oliver. That is if Oliver is willing to cooperate with them. It’s also worth mentioning that Felicity had the intent of killing Diaz, she even took a gun into the SCPD.  
Oliver will likely be out by the Elseworlds crossover so it makes sense that they’re setting his release in motion. The flashbacks, while short, have also been interesting. They really need to kick it into high gear soon before they overstay their welcome. It just feels like they haven’t added anything since episode one. Overall another solid one.
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