Pokemon Crystal
is the second generations’ answer to Pokemon Yellow (although
Yellow was closer to the anime than what Crystal was). Just like before, you
play as an avatar who gets access to a Pokemon,
so that you can take on the gym leader challenge while stopping an evil organization
along the way. Outside of introducing more Pokemon and two new types (steel and dark), the second generation
added new mechanics.

Day and Night Cycles
A mechanic that is what you think it is. The game has its own day/night interaction with it being day and night in the
game depending on what time you chose at the start. The day and
night cycle creates so that you can only find certain Pokemon in a specific
timeframe. Some are only available in the morning, while some are only accessible during the night.

Hold Items
This mechanic is, like the Day and Night cycles, rather self-explanatory. The next generation of Pokemon games allows the trainer
to make their Pokemon hold items. This mechanic adds a lot of layers to the
strategic elements.

Splitting the Special Stats
The stat that was previously called Special is now two different stats; Special Attack and Special Defense.
This choice makes the matches (like the ability to
hold items) a lot more strategic.

Egg Breeding

Egg breeding is one of the mechanics that has gotten more complex over time.
But here it’s rather simple. Just put two Pokemon
that are accessible to lay an egg. A mechanic that got welcomed considering it eased
issues o being able to trade around with people.

How does
the game compare to its predecessor? It’s a success on every level. The graphics are
updated and look much cleaner. Even if
the game is still challenging like the previous
entry, it feels like a smoother and
more balanced journey, thanks to the
added strategic elements I mentioned before. I never got that feeling of difficulty
spike which you can find in the first generation. It feels
more fleshed out, and much more rewarding once you finally finish the story.

However, just like with Crystal, I would recommend the remakes (Heart Gold/Soul
) since I consider them a
much better game with everything that has
come along from the third and fourth generation. Crystal is a game that I find
easier to recommend someone that is a Pokemon
fan, but yet to play one of the older titles
like Yellow.

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