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Review: A WHISKER AWAY (2020)

When Miyo Sasaki gets the chance to transform into a cat, she uses it with the hope of knowing more about the boy she has a crush on. Problems arrive, however, when the line between being human and cat becomes shorter.

There are times where you find something at random. Be it the library or a garage sale. When it comes to A Whisker Away, it was a random scroll when I search on Netflix. I read the premise, saw the trailer, and thought it could be a cute animated movie. Luckily for me, it ended up being just that.

At first, I was unsure of what to think about the film. Miyo Sasaki (or Muge as her classmates calls her) got on my nerves at first. However, the further the movie went along, the more that her behavior made sense. A teenager acting the way she does is both relatable and realistic. I dare even say that I’ve met people like her when I was younger.

While the relationship between “Muge” and Hinto Kento was a bit weird at first, like her behavior, it grew throughout the film. Two people might see themselves as co-workers, only to ending up as involved romantically with each other, or vice versa.

The movie feels like if Hayao Miyazaki and Makoto Shinkai made a collaboration. Imagine the fantastical nature of Spirited Away, blend in with the approach to teenage romance like Weathering With You. The animation is crisp and fluid. It was a marvel to behold, with a ton of breathtaking scenes.

The movie’s voice work (I only saw the English dub) is great. Cherami Leigh and Johnny Yong Boch, who are the English voices for the two leads, do a fantastic job in giving the life that these characters deserve.

If you are in need to watch a cute and harmless movie, A Whisker Away is something for you. The movie knows what it wants to be, and they execute it well. You won’t get disappointed.

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