CW’s ‘THE FLASH’ Pilot Episode Reactions Pour in From Twitter

Recently a few people were lucky enough to watch the pilot episode of CW’s The Flash. Check out what they had to say. The Arrow spin-off is set to premiere this fall.

“So, THE FLASH pilot is exciting, optimistic and a ton of fun. Fantastic ending too. Very much what you’d expect from a Flash TV show. I’m in.”

“Saw the FLASH pilot. That’s some pretty great stuff @geoffjohns. People are going to love it. Congrats!”

“As expected, absolutely loved #TheFlash pilot. #RunBarryRun”

“My sons aren’t in the ‘superhero’ phase right now, but holy moly, did the FLASH pilot reel them right in.”

“I had high expectations for The Flash pilot, but that went FAR beyond what I expected. @grantgust nails it, carries the show well.”

“Watched my first new series pilot today. The Flash, naturally. There is an awwwwesome DC nod I didn’t expect.”

“ok @CW_TheFlash pilot is a blast—A+ effects, a great lead in Grant Gustin & a WHOLE lot to love for the @DCComics fans. #TheFlash”

“I think I may love #TheFlash pilot even more than I loved the #Arrow pilot (and I love Green Arrow more than any other hero except Batman)”

“Not only is the #Flash pilot EXCELLENT, but (for this) the dead-mom retcon doesn’t grate. Great show, and Tom Cavanagh is astounding.”

“#TheFlash is awesome. Guarantee that it’s the best pilot on show this year. Enjoyed it so much.”

“Just saw The Flash pilot: I am SO IN! @grantgust is great as Barry Allen & the show did such a cool twist at the end! #wantmoreepisodespls”

“And the early front runner for Pilot I’m Most Excited To See Ep 2 Of: “Flash.” Terrific.”

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