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FEATURE: Ten Characters Who Should Join the Justice League in the DC Extended Universe

In the DC Extended Universe, the lineup for the Justice
League (so far) is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and
Cyborg. The team will unite in next year’s Justice League Part One, while
Justice League Part Two is already scheduled for a 2019 release. 
Green Lantern will
join the team in one or both of these films, while Black Canary is a rumored addition. Of
course, however, the sky is the limit for other additions.
Over the past few decades, countless superheroes in the DC
Universe were members of the Justice League. It would be great to see at least
some of these join Batman, Superman, etc. in the DCEU.
Below, I’ve compiled a list of ten DC characters who should
join the Justice League in the DCEU.
Formerly named Captain Marvel, Shazam will get his own movie
in 2019, with Dwayne Johnson playing villain/antihero Black Adam. However, the
film doesn’t seem to be a part of Warner Bros.’ main Justice League story arc (yet),
even though it will take place in the DCEU. Still, seeing Shazam join the
Justice League on film is a must.
Seeing Shazam interact with the core Justice Leaguers would
be a lot of fun, and he would add plenty of fun and humor to the team. Also,
who doesn’t want to see Shazam throw down with Superman on the big screen?
Fingers crossed that the DCEU will find a way to have Shazam
meet up with the Justice League sooner or later.

Green Arrow
If Black Canary is coming to the DCEU, then surely Green
Arrow isn’t far behind? Currently starring on The CW’s Arrow, Oliver Queen was
previously targeting a movie with Escape from Super Max, which would have seen
him attempting to escape from a supervillain-filled prison. That film never
happened, but that doesn’t mean Green Arrow should be reserved to television.
As a longtime member of the League in the comics, Green
Arrow would be a more than welcome addition in the DCEU. I’d love to see him
interact with other heroes – adapting his friendship with Green
Lantern would be amazing – while he’d add a more human touch to the team, which is mostly comprised
of god-like figures. Plus, a piece of Lex Luthor viral marketing from Batman v
Superman: Dawn of Justice
seemingly confirms that Queen Industries, and thus
Oliver Queen, exist in the DCEU.
In summary, Green Arrow would be a great addition to the
DCEU’s Justice League. Hopefully, Arrow won’t affect the character’s big screen
Martian Manhunter
J’onn J’onzz was a founding member of the Justice League in
the comics, but Cyborg replaced him in the New 52 relaunch, something also
done in the DCEU. Martian Manhunter currently has a role on CBS’ Supergirl, but it
would be a shame if he didn’t also appear in a DC movie some day.
A fan-favorite character for decades, Martian Manhunter would
make a flawless addition to the DCEU’s Justice League. He would add another
alien’s perspective aside from Superman’s to the team, while his origin story
is quite fascinating. Also, his powers would look really cool on the big
Martian Manhunter is one of the most important Justice
League members in the team’s history, and it’d be a shame if the DCEU did not
reflect that.
Another classic member of the Justice League, Hawkman is a
great character who has plenty of potential. The character recently played a key role in
The CW’s Arrowverse, while WB had a film in development a few years back. While
the movie is no longer happening, it would be unfortunate if Hawkman did not
join the DCEU at some point.
Hawkman is a unique character who could easily stand out
from the rest of the Justice League. Again, seeing him interact with the other
heroes would be fun, while exploring one of his origin stories would be
interesting. I’d particularly like to see emphasis on Hawkman’s home world
of Thanagar, something completely absent from The CW’s version. Speaking of which,
it looks like Thanagar already exists in the DCEU, if the Man of Steel prequel comic is anything to go by.
Overall, Hawkman would be a fresh, intriguing addition to
the comic book movie genre, and he would work well in a Justice League sequel.
Zatanna is expected to play a role in the Justice League
movie, which will be set in the DCEU. The film will mark her big screen
debut. While Zatanna will be a key member of that team, it would be cool to
also see her join the main Justice League group down the line.
Zatanna’s magic-based powers would make her a unique member
of the League, while seeing her interact with the likes of Batman would be
great. Also, the current Justice League only has one female superhero, Wonder
Woman. If the DCEU wished to change that, then Zatanna would be an obvious
inclusion. And, again, Zatanna has been a frequent member of the League in the comics, so there is precedence.
Zatanna is about to join the DCEU regardless, but she would
make a wonderful addition to the primary Justice League team.
The Firestorm persona is formed when two people join forces
and merge into a single being. Firestorm can shoot fusion energy from his hands,
rearrange atomic/subatomic structure in inorganic matter, and a lot of other
cool powers. The character is currently starring on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,
but again, he would make a great addition to the DCEU.
Firestorm would be a very distinctive member of the cinematic Justice League. The idea of two people becoming one superhero at the
same time is different for the comic book movie genre, while again, his powers
are exceptional. As for who should host the Firestorm Matrix, Dr. Martin Stein
could unite with Ronnie Raymond, Jason Rusch, or any other person.
Ultimately, Firestorm would be a lot of fun to see on the
big screen, even if he is on television right now. Fingers crossed that we’ll
see Firestorm meet up with the Justice League in the DCEU.
Another current player on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is Hawkgirl,
the love interest of Hawkman. Hawkgirl is another classic member of the Justice
League in the comics, and her role in the Justice League/Justice League
animated series is particularly memorable among fans. So, why not
translate that to the big screen?
Hawkgirl would be another obvious addition if WB wanted to
add more female heroes to the League. Like Hawkman, she would present an
intriguing origin tale, especially if they go with her Thanagar roots. And
really, if you’re going to adapt Hawkman to the big screen, it’s only natural
if Hawkgirl follows him.
So, Hawkgirl would make another solid addition to the big
screen Justice League. Hopefully, it’ll happen in the near future.
Speaking of female superheroes, another one who should join
the DCEU is Vixen, also a current player in the Arrowverse. This character is
capable of harnessing the powers and abilities of animals, including elephants,
lions and countless others. This would be a different power set for the DCEU’s Justice League.
Vixen can easily hold her own alongside any other Justice
Leaguer, and she is just a cool character. Also, her African roots would lead
to an intriguing and refreshing origin story. In addition to the Justice
League, Vixen was a member of the Suicide Squad. Could that happen in the
Regardless, Vixen would make a fine addition to the Justice
League on film, bringing in more diversity and utilizing one of DC’s stronger
female characters.
Blue Beetle
Rumor has it that Warner Bros. is developing a Booster
Gold/Blue Beetle
 team-up film, injecting plenty of comedy into the DCEU. Ted Kord was
previously sought for an appearance on Arrow, but he was later replaced by The Atom
due to “other plans” by DC. And it looks like those plans are for the big screen.
Having Blue Beetle join the Justice League would add another
human to the team, making him the latest mere mortal alongside a group of gods. And,
again, he would provide some great comedic timing, lightening the mood.
Also, I would love to see the third Blue Beetle, Jaime
Reyes, in the DCEU at some point. But for the Justice League, bring in Ted
Lex Luthor
Wait, what? In Geoff Johns’ recent Justice League comic book arcs, Lex
Luthor joined the Justice League after the defeat of the Crime Syndicate.
It was a bold twist, putting Superman and his greatest nemesis on the same
team. And with their relationship beginning in Batman v Superman: Dawn of
, imagine if this part of the comics was adapted to the screen?
If Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor lives up to the hype, one
way to expand his role in the DCEU is to have him join the Justice League.
Imagine the insane amount of tension and mistrust to spawn from this. And
having one of the world’s greatest supervillains join a superhero team would be
a big deal in the comic book movie genre, and it’d help the DCEU stand out
from competitors.
Ultimately, Lex Luthor joining the DCEU’s Justice League would
be a game-changer, like it was in the comics. Fingers crossed that it ends up
happening in the future.
Honorable Mentions: Doctor Fate, Booster Gold, Question, Red
Tornado, Captain Atom

Which DC characters do you want to see join the Justice League in the DC Extended Universe?

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