Spoiler Review: Crisis on Earth-X Parts 1&2

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Part 1: Larry Teng and Part 2: James Bamford
Hello again everybody! I will be reviewing the crossover this time around. If you want a look at a ranking for all of the crossovers, check out Paul’s article HERE
I’ll be reviewing the crossover as a whole, but in two parts since there is so much material. The link to the second part is down at the end. And as always, if you have any comments, feel free to let us know on Twitter, @WatchtowerBabel.
And so let’s begin!
We start off on Earth-X, where the Nazi symbol is prevalent. Apparent rebels guarding something get attacked by an Evil Archer wearing a mask. Then the Guardian comes in! Him and the Evil Archer, whose costume looks strangely like Green Arrow’s! Guardian loses, and dies with an arrow to the heart, and the Evil Archer walks towards a glowing red flame.
We next see all of the teams, Flash fighting King Shark, Arrow, fighting some ninjas(not Darhk – big difference *rolls eyes*), the Legends fighting some evil Englishmen from Robin Hood time, and Supergirl, fighting a Dominator! The latter three realize they need to RSVP for lo and behold – the West-Allen wedding!
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Everyone heads to Earth-1 Central City, where the females head to the nail salon where Iris is glowing! (This begs the question, could she be pregnant?). Dear old Oliver and Barry head to pick up their tuxedos, and Barry tells Oliver there’s never a good time to propose, but that they both deserve their happy ending (AWWW). 
Cisco and Wells give the two parts of Firestorm the cure to split them apart, and I personally like how Martin says they’ll take it directly after the ceremony. Like why, do you need to be Firestorm for the wedding or something?
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We go back to Earth-X to find Evil Archer and a flying Overgirl, talking about testing the flame-gateway for a trap.
Martin talks about what he wants for his life after being Firestorm with Caitlin, and works on a microscope as everyone else heads to Jitters for the rehearsal dinner! Rory is Rory and we all love him, no one can say otherwise hehe. A romance buds between Sara and Alex, which I love both of their characters but man, this subplot really really irks me, like nooooooo don’t try this; it’ll never work – just look at Amaya and Nate!
Kara explains what happened with Mon-El and why he isn’t there with Barry and Barry tries to get in her head she can have a happy ending and asks for a favor at the same time. Martin tries to give superhero sticky powers back to Jax with the cure.
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Time to get teary eyed about Iris and Barry (always down for some romance). Speaking of romance, Oliver proposes to Felicity again, and Felicity says noooooooooo big time. In earshot of everyone. I love Felicity (yes haters, go ahead), but man, I did not like her here. Granted Olly shouldn’t have proposed in public but still!
Its wedding day time! Kara finds out Alex and Sara had a one night stand, and Sara is cool about it, but Alex is cringing. Everyone gets in the church, and Rory gets recognized by the head of the police department, but it leads to nowhere. 
A waitress offers Barry some sparkling water and starts babbling. This is a ~30 second encounter, but she seems to know Barry and this is too big of part to just lead to nowhere. Theories lead to a time traveling descendant of Iris and Barry, but goodness knows. I guess we’ll see if we ever find out?
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The ceremony begins and I LOVE Kara singing Running Home to You. The good Reverend asks if there are any objectors to the union of Barry and Iris and BOOM Nazis. This action sequence next is awesome, so well choreographed. Did I mention I hate Nazis? Everyone’s alter-egos come out and Firestorm combines. It is a good thing they didn’t take the cure huh? Supergirl and Overgirl start fighting, Sara and Alex take on evil Prometheus, – that doesn’t work, cause they’re both evil: they take on Earth-X Prometheus! – Oliver takes on Evil Archer, and everyone else fights the evil cronies. 
Supergirl uses a really awesome hand clap to take out Overgirl and Evil Archer freaks out, ordering a fallback. Our legion of heroes heads back to S.T.A.R. Labs, and they escort Earth-X Prometheus to the containment cells. We see the last of Wally, Joe and Cecil as Wally takes them to safety, and the rest of the team sits down to discuss what they’re up against.
The last scene we see is Overgirl, the Evil Archer and Reverse Flash on a rooftop. They reveal their faces finally, so we see Overgirl is a doppelganger of Kara, the Evil Archer is a doppelganger of Oliver, and the Reverse Flash is Wells, or as we come to find out, Earth-1 Eobard Thawne.
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Let me talk about Thawne for a second. He has been massively overused. Yes, wibbly wobbly timey wimey, remnants, yada yada yada –  it works out, I get it. But there comes a point where you just can’t use a character any longer. Especially in a TV series where the character has been killed not once, but twice. Thawne is quite obnoxious because he keeps returning, and he is probably just used here to avoid fans from saying “Oh great, another speedster”. But there could have also been an Earth-X doppelganger used here, they could have said it was an actual Wells doppelganger if they wanted to simply put him back in the Reverse Flash costume. I would have rather had another speedster floating around the Arrowverse than to see Earth-1 Thawne again.
Ok, let us continue on!
We return to S.T.A.R. Labs where it is revealed that Earth-X Prometheus is – TOMMY MERLYN. This was the prediction of everyone with Earth-1 Prometheus last year until he was revealed to be Adrian Chase, so this was quite a gift you might say to Arrow fans.Oliver being Oliver, thinks he can reason with Earth-X Tommy, and asks for everyone to leave them alone.
Sara begins talking about anachronisms, thinking that because there are Nazis and Tommy, something happened to the timeline. Everyone else thinks they’re from a different Earth, and not an altered timeline, and Wells reveals a 53rd Earth that is only different from Earth-1 because of the Nazis winning World War II: Earth-X.
We head back to the containment cells with Earth-X Tommy telling Oliver about Earth-X. Oliver tries to get Earth-X Tommy to tell him the plan, telling him how Earth-1 Tommy died saving him, thinking he can save this Tommy. Earth-X Tommy tells him that he is a fool, and that is why Earth-1 will fall. Tommy eats a cyanide pill, and the team is back to square one.
We head to where Overgirl, evil Oliver and Thawne are, where evil Oliver kinda gets sad over the loss of his friend Tommy, causing him and Thawne to get in an argument where Thawne threatens to end evil Oliver’s life with the vibrating hands of doom. Overgirl steps in, and they all agree to get back on track to their plan – conquering Earth-1, and obtaining a prism? Thawne walks away to try and find the prism, and Overgirl and evil Oliver give each other a pep talk and KISS. OMG THEY’RE TOGETHER. Power couple goals right there, General and Fuhrer.
Felicity face times Curtis to get them helping looking for the Earth-Xer’s vibrations, and Oliver walks in to talk to Felicity about Tommy and the marriage proposal. Felicity tries to get out of the conversation, but eventually she tells Oliver she loved the proposal, but the only reason she doesn’t want to marry him is because they are perfect right now, and she doesn’t want to change anything.
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Oh I forgot, Cisco is in a coma from the Church battle. That might be important to mention. Cause the technological geniuses of Caitlin, and Wells are struggling to find the Earth-X vibrations on the satellite readings.
Martin and Jax argue about the Firestorm cure, and Jax finally reveals that Martin is a father figure and him being upset about the cure is not about losing the Firestorm powers; it means he has to give up Martin.
Alex freaks out about her one-night stand and thinks about going back to Maggie. Kara tells her she made the right decision, and I agree!
Iris gets mega impatient about finding the Nazis, and Felicity rants about the drama with her and Oliver. She confesses that a proposal was the end of the relationship the last time, and doesn’t want it to happen again, and then they figure out that the Nazis are raiding a building!
Supergirl, Flash and Oliver head to the building and the Earth-Xers walk out with the prism, and they reveal themselves! Doppelgangers Kara, Oliver and Earth-1 Thawne. Evil Oliver reveals he’s married to Overgirl, and the fight begins! Oliver launches a kryptonite arrow at Overgirl, hitting her right above her heart. Oliver reveals he keeps it around for evil Supergirls when Supergirl is shocked. Overgirl takes out a building with workers in it, and the awesome trio of Flash, Arrow and Supergirl get the workers to safety and stabilize the building. This includes some um… some weird CGI for Arrow swinging around.
Back in S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells and Felicity reveal the prism can be converted to a neutron bomb, and Flash brings in the arrow Oliver hit Overgirl with. Alex reveals Overgirl’s red blood cells have extreme solar radiation in it, and Felicity says she can track Overgirl via the radiated blood cells.
Overgirl and Thawne fight about the plan, and Overgirl says she won’t let evil Oliver pick her over the Reich. That’s what good rulers are supposed to do right? Pick the land they rule over everything else.
Meanwhile good Oliver tells Barry and Iris to stay confident, that they will always have each other. Oliver starts ranting about Felicity and then she of course, comes in and tells them that they found the Earth-Xers. Everybody suits up, and heads to the building where the Xers are, coming up with a plan as they get inside. 
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Rory, Iris, Felicity, Wells and Caitlin are all left at S.T.A.R. Labs where they are overwhelmed by evil Oliver and the Nazis. Killer Frost and Rory try to kill evil Oliver, but they fail, miserably, even with the entrance of Team Arrow minus Diggle.
Another fairly awesome fight scene is occurring at the Xer building, where they wonder where the evil Oliver is. They start off strong, but then they are overwhelmed by Metallo. 
By the way, the soundtrack for these episodes is perfect.
Our heroes wake up chained together surrounded by Thawne, Overgirl evil Oliver and Nazis. Overgirl stumbles and says she can’t bear the pain. The Earth-Xers reveal they have come to Earth-1 for Supergirl. Overgirl is suffering from too much solar radiation, and the only cure – is a new heart. 
Iris and Felicity sneak around S.T.A.R. Labs, where they find the Nazis throwing Team Arrow into the containment cells. 
The final scene has Sara, Arrow, Jax, Martin, Alex and Flash all in a fenced in area… on Earth-X.

Full review and rating will be in the review for parts 3 and 4, which are HERE.

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