Latest TITANS Casting Breakdown May Hint at Ra’s al Ghul

DC’s Titans series has been shooting for a while, with pretty much all of its main cast filled out. However, casting is still going on for other characters in the show, and a new breakdown may hint at the arrival of one of DC’s biggest villains.

That Hashtag Show has shared the latest Titans casting breakdown, and the site believes that the character in question is none other than Ra’s al Ghul, one of the most iconic villains in Batman lore. Here is the casting breakdown:

Male, 40s-50s, Middle Eastern, Latin, or East Indian. Seeking a young Richard Attenborough type. Fearless, manipulative, with unparalleled intelligence. Recurring guest star, seeking recognizable faces only.

Previous casting breakdowns have hinted at Trigon and/or Brother Blood appearing on Titans, but DC has yet to officially confirm the big bad of this season. Could that end up being Ra’s? The Demon’s Head isn’t that closely tied to the Titans in the comics, but his grandson, Damian Wayne/Robin, is a current member. Could Damian show up on Titans too? We’ll have to wait and see.
If this casting breakdown is indeed for Ra’s, it would mark the character’s third television portrayal within the last few years. Ra’s was the main villain of Arrow‘s third season (and popped up on an episode of Legends of Tomorrow), while he appeared in several episodes of Gotham. And, of course, Ra’s was played by Liam Neeson in 2005’s Batman Begins.
Stay tuned for more news as we have it. Titans premieres sometime this year on DC’s streaming service.

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