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DEADPOOL 2 Extended Cut is on the Way

Deadpool 2 hit theaters this past weekend, racking up a solid opening and setting it up for a lot of money. While we wait for the Merc’s return in X-Force and maybe a third solo film, we’ll be seeing a little more from the character beforehand.

Director David Leitch confirms to CinemaBlend that an extended cut for Deadpool 2 is in the works. He says, “And I think that they may want to spin that out as a special thing, but right now I’m sort of… we’re taking our time, and it’s going back to the ‘director cut,’ and then sort of collaborating with Ryan [Reynolds], Rhett [Reese], and Paul [Wernick], and making sure we’re all getting all the jokes we want – to have it be fun and our sort of fun collaboration.”

Leitch says that the extended cut will run for 2 hours and 12 minutes, the same length of the early director’s cut. The theatrical version runs for 1 hour and 59 minutes, so the extended cut will add about 13 minutes of new footage.

As for what new footage will be added, Leitch confirms that an extended suicide montage – where Wade Wilson attempts to kill himself multiple times – will be included, along with a kitchen scene in the mansion and more Domino footage. For the kitchen scene, CinemaBlend learned some…NFSW details from writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, which you can find HERE.

Stay tuned for more as we have it. Deadpool 2 is now playing at a theater near you.

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