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DOOM PATROL Character Breakdown Reveals New Details on Cyborg

This week, DC announced that a Doom Patrol series is coming out next year on DC Universe. The show is a spinoff from Titans, which will introduce the group later this year. Buried in DC’s announcement was the reveal that Cyborg will play a role on the show. Fans didn’t expect Cyborg to appear on any of the DC shows, especially since he’s part of the cinematic Justice League. Now, we have some more details on what to expect.

Our friend Mario at Revenge of the Fans has shared a couple of Doom Patrol character breakdowns. One offers some character details on Cyborg. It largely consists of his classic origin – his body is significantly damaged in an accident, he struggles with maintaining human connections, and so on. But the most interesting bit is his potential connection to Titans.

Male, mid-20s, African-American. Charming, sarcastic, a bit brash, Cyborg is half-human, half-machine – the ultimate Super Hero for the digital age. At least, that’s how it appears. Vic Stone lost his mother at a young age, lost his promising future to a horrific accident and was put back together as a man-machine hybrid by a brilliant and aloof father who sees him as little more than a lab rat. While Vic may be connected to every computer on earth, he struggles to maintain the connections that make us human. Desperate to gain acceptance from the outside world and his father, Vic uses his powers to try and harness the curse of his cybernetic body for good.

ASP SERIES REGULAR. May segue into Series regular on TITANS in subsequent seasons.

So, basically, while Cyborg is a Doom Patrol character for now, he could transition over to Titans later on.
Even though Cyborg is currently a Justice League member, the character was originally a part of the Teen Titans in the comics. Fans are more familiar with his role in the latter team, especially after the animated series. So, it makes perfect sense to bring him into Titans
Stay tuned for more as we have it. For the character breakdown for Doom Patrol’s Chief, click HERE.
Titans premieres this year on DC Universe, with Doom Patrol arriving in 2019.

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