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New Details on Walter Hamada’s Approach to DC Films; Updates on THE FLASH, JOKER, and Ben Affleck’s Future

The Hollywood Reporter has published a new article that sheds light on behind-the-scenes of DC Films, now under the leadership of Walter Hamada. In the wake of Hamada’s hiring and Justice League‘s underperformance, we haven’t heard too much about the company’s plans, save for a few upcoming movies.

The article includes an update on The Flash, details on Todd Phillips’ Joker movie, and word on Ben Affleck’s future as Batman. Here’s the rundown…

  • Walter Hamada has spent the last few months reorganizing the DC Films slate, elevating development for some projects and postponing others. These include both movies for big-name heroes and lesser known characters. Meanwhile, Hamada is “philosophically opposed” to the idea of a writer’s room – a concept done for several other cinematic universes – while he and Warner Bros.’ Toby Emmerich are avoiding setting release dates for films far in advance. Simply put, Hamada has a “specific” plan for the franchise.
  • In addition to the shared universe films, DC is developing a non-canon label that will kick off with a Joker origin movie, directed by Todd Phillips. Joaquin Phoenix is expected to star. The plan is to begin shooting this fall with a $55 million budget, which is much smaller than most superhero movies nowadays. Titles being considered for the label include “DC Dark” and “DC Black.”
  • Meanwhile, The Flash movie is finally gearing to start production early next year, this time under the direction of John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein. The film is looking to Back to the Future as an inspiration, while it will no longer tackle “somber” themes (presumably when it was expected to be a Flashpoint movie). Additionally, THR confirms that movies starring Harley Quinn/the Birds of Prey, Batgirl, and Jared Leto’s Joker are in development.
  • There has been constant back-and-forth on whether Ben Affleck will play Batman again, and this latest report isn’t so optimistic. The Batman director Matt Reeves turned in the first act of his screenplay over the Memorial Day weekend, and it apparently focuses on a younger Batman. Thus, it likely won’t be Affleck.
Those are the highlights from the article. To read the whole thing, click HERE.
It’s definitely an interesting time for DC Films, and hopefully, things will only go up from here. Stay tuned.

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