BIRDS OF PREY Movie Lineup Revealed

Margot Robbie’s Birds of Prey movie will see Harley Quinn teaming up with a slew of female characters from the DC Universe. We heard that classic BOP members Huntress and Black Canary were involved. But now, we have a full roster.

The Wrap has learned that Harley’s girl gang will include these four characters…

  • Black Canary/Dinah Laurel Lance, a fantastic hand-to-hand combatant who comes from a family of crimefighters
  • The Huntress/Helena Bertinelli, a vigilante in Gotham City
  • Cassandra Cain, another vigilante who is one of the greatest martial artists in the world. She is one of several characters who assumed the Batgirl mantle in the comics, but it’s unknown if that’ll be the case for the movie.
  • Renee Montoya, a detective at Gotham City Police Department. In the comics, she also became The Question for a while.
The Wrap adds that the film will focus on a “revolving” group of characters, so it’s possible that we could see even more than the ones listed here.

Additionally, the big bad of this movie will reportedly be a classic Batman villain who has never been in a movie before. This rules out rumored contenders like Joker and Penguin. And considering how vast Batman’s rogues gallery is, it could be just about anyone. We’ll have to wait and see.
Birds of Prey will begin shooting in January, presumably for a 2020 release.

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