EDENS ZERO Chapter 2 Review

Edens Zero Chapter
two kicks off where the last chapter left off. Shiki, Rebeca, and Happy are
off to space to their new destination. Issues arise when someone kidnaps Happy, with Shiki and Rebecca doing
their best to save him.

Even though Edens Zero continues to have some Fairytail feel, this chapter gave
me vibes of Dragon Ball. For starters, the aesthetic
of that city screamed early Dragon Ball. But the Dragon Ball vibes did not stop there. The villains (especially the big
bad) was straight out of Dragon Ball as well (The Red Ribbon era to be exact).
Which is quite funny after the whole “is
that a love letter” moment I mentioned back in my chapter one review. Edens Zero
x Dragon Ball

Like always, there isn’t a Hiro Mashima
chapter without the mentions of friends or friendship (although it wasn’t to
the point that It could make you drunk this time). I give this chapter this. It
threw me off guard with its potion of quite the dark backstory.

Granted, Hiro is not someone that isn’t shy of having dark and serious moments
in them. But not this early. Something like this is something to be expected in
like chapter 10 or something (at earliest).

Just like before, the art style is pretty darn good. Even though he
might not be the most creative in his art style,
Hiro sure knows how to draw. Especially over the top action scenes that are quite

Besides a pun that was so bad that it made me cringe (and puns are my type of
humor), I did enjoy this chapter way more than the pilot.

I give this chapter 7.5/10.

PS. Watch the animated Captain Harlock movie that is on Netflix. You know why after the chapter.

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