Manga Review: BURN THE WITCH

Burn the
is the latest creation from the creator of Bleach, Tite Kubo. Here in this one shot, we follow Noel Niihashi, one of the many people that are fighting to protect dragons in the street
of London.

The first thing that makes Burn the Witch rather different to Bleach is the
tone. Yes, the manga has some funny moments, but it’s closer to Attack on Titan
than Dragon Ball in tone. Burn the Witch, on the other hand, is the reverse. It
was a nice change of pace, considering
what Kubo previously made.

If you are a fan of Kubo’s earlier work, you will recognize it right away.
Unlike a certain another manga creator, however, it is not to the point where you want to
facepalm due to the laziness. The dragons that he showed had some interesting
and unique designs which is nice considering
how many times Dragon has been used in any form of entertainment.

The story was entertaining, and I found (for the most part) interesting enough
that I would like to continue returning to their adventures.

I find myself enjoying it. It was a nice change
of pace (for the most part). I liked the main character well enough that I
would like to see this one-shot turning into a full-fledged manga. Especially
after a specific reveal. If it does get greenlit, please kill a certain character
off in the most brutal way possible.

I give this one-shot 6/10.

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