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Netflix Sets First Slate of Millarworld Movies and Shows

Last year, Netflix acquired comic book creator Mark Millar’s company, Millarworld. The streaming service intends to create original movies and shows that are based on Millar’s work. Now, we have an initial slate.

Netflix has announced (via The Hollywood Reporter) that two shows and three movies based on Millarworld creations have been ordered. These five projects make up the first slate of the new deal, which is worth somewhere between $30-50 million. Millar says, “My wife Lucy and I are 11 months into our jobs at Netflix and it’s everything we hoped for to the power of 10.”

The first series is Jupiter’s Legacy, which is being showrun by Daredevil‘s Steven S. DeKnight. The show will run for 8 episodes, with DeKnight directing the first episode. The other series is American Jesus, which will be showrun by brothers Everardo and Leopoldo Gout and will span six episodes. This one is a multilingual series; it will be in both English and Spanish.

Moving on to the film side, we have Huck from Hidden Figures director Ted Melfi, Empress from writer Lindsey Beer, and Sharkey the Bounty Hunter from writer Michael Bacall. While the other titles are all based on Millar’s past comics, Sharkey is an upcoming Netflix/Millarworld comic. It will be published next year.

Clearly, Millarworld is about to take over Netflix, and this is only the beginning. It will be interesting to see the future unfold. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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