Opinion: Top 5 Shonen Jump Manga

5. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure 
What’s not to love when it comes to the strange nature of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? It’s an insane thrill ride that ain’t afraid to kill off characters if they want. The only reason that I put this so on the list is that of its weird art style that is a massive hit or miss for me.   

4. Blue Exorcist 
As someone that is a big fan of Supernatural, it’s probably not that surprising that I enjoy this franchise as much as I do. Even if I’m not a person of faith, religions and its history have always fascinated me. There is a reason that I watch the Story of God show with Morgan Freeman. Blue Exorcist is not the first manga that takes heavy from a religion. It’s the first, however, to be a manga I find using the themes respectfully while doing the story on its own. 

3. Gintama 
Gintama focuses on Gintoki, a lazy manga-reading samurai who lives on a earth conquered by aliens. The best way to explain the story is this. Imagine if the author of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with the mindset of an insane manga creator on a high that’s inspired by Deadpool‘s 4th wall breaking. It has made me laugh out loud so much that it had to be on this list. 

2. Dragon Ball 
Like many, Dragon Ball was my introduction to the world of manga and anime. I remember a cousin letting me read a volume at my cousin’s house because he wanted me to show this awesome new comic he had bought. Since then, Dragon Ball has in one way or another stuck with me.

Honorable Mention: Food Wars
Like my villain list, I felt the need to have at least one honorable mention, and this time I decided to choose Food Wars. For you that are unaware of what it is, the story centers around a boy named Soma Yukihara who strives to be a better cook than his father, who is a legendary chef around the world.

It’s a simple premise, and it does have some humorous moments from time to time. If that wasn’t enough, it does teach you how too cook different types of food. The only real negatives I would say is the exaggerated fanservice it has. 

1.  Naruto
The reason Naruto is as high as it is in this list is that of how personal it is. Naruto is the Shonen Jump that influenced my writing the most. While Naruto might be a bit of an annoying hothead in the start, his travel from an outcast to a beloved hero is something that inspired me a lot due to my history of being bullied a lot.

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