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A young Hiram Lodge is coming to Riverdale! He will be played by the current Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos)’s son, the actor, not the actual Hiram Lodge… in case that was confusing.

Anyways! Michael Consuelos will be playing the young Hiram Lodge on a flashback episode on Riverdale, showcasing the gang’s parents. KJ Apa, and Lili Reinhart will be playing the younger versions of their parents on the show, currently played by Luke Perry and Madchen Amick.

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We all know Batwoman is coming to The CW this year, and she’ll be played by Ruby Rose! Batwoman will make her debut in this year’s Arrowverse crossover. With such an important character debuting, and with the crossover from last year, one may wonder how The CW can do it all?

Well Stephen Amell has this to say: “Because we went so big with the crossover last year, you can’t go bigger. So you have to go more about the characters and the story.”

So it sounds like we’re sticking small this year, which may be the reason Legends of Tomorrow is sitting out this year. It is hard to be focused on the characters with ~20ish main characters involved. It still sounds like it’ll be a blast though. If you’re looking for the dates and times of the crossover event, click here!

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So and now for a round of The Flash news! There are season four SPOILERS below
First up, we have news that the Rag Doll will be appearing in this season of The Flash. No news on the actor, only a casting call for a male in his 20s, and only that he will be appearing in one episode, so far.

Showrunner, Todd Helbing, says the theme for the upcoming season is legacy! With the key being the dying question, will Barry be a good father? Jessica Parker Kennedy says Nora brings tension to the relationship between Barry and Iris, with one of the tension-bringing factors being Nora preferring Barry over Iris, with the reason coming early in the season. She also revealed most people on set had no idea who her character truly was – only the main, big characters new who she was.

We’ll see Ralph Dibney(Hartley Sawyer) amp up his detective work this season as well, and being he “has detective skills that rival Batman’s”, we wanna see him do what he’s good at, as well as continue elongating.

Keiynan Lonsdale will be returning as Kid Flash, for three episodes this season. Not a whole lot of time, and there has been no true confirmation on when those episodes will air, but if they’re early on, there could be drama.

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