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First up on the docket, DC Universe news. The Swamp Thing pilot is set to be directed by Len Wiseman(Underworld). Swamp Thing follows CDC researcher Abby Arcane as she returns to investigate a swamp-borne virus in her hometown in Louisiana. She falls in love with another scientist only to lose him, but find a chance in recovering him… from the swamp. Swamp Thing is set to start filming this fall in North Carolina, and will premiere sometime early next year.

Next up, Young Justice: Outsiders!
We got new footage for the long awaited return of Young Justice. The trailer stars Nightwing/Dick Grayson as he’s infiltrating a place in Moscow, looking like an HQ for metahuman trafficking. He’s receiving intelligence form Oracle while he’s on the scene, so this should be interesting to see how everything goes. Check out the trailer below.

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Last up is my favorite show personally, Arrow!
Stephen Amell had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Michael Rosenbaum(Smallville) on Rosenbaum’s podcast Inside of You. The main point of conversation between the two was how do you overcome playing a character on a show for almost a decade, and how does Oliver Queen’s time end. Amell is going into his seventh year of playing Oliver Queen, and Rosenbaum played Lex Luthor for seven years on Smallville, and went back for a few guest appearances in its final season.

Amell has some pretty poignant thoughts on how Oliver Queen’s story comes to an end. He and Rosenbaum both agreed that really the only thing left for Queen to do is die, and that he can, cause he doesn’t have superpowers(People who have superpowers can totally die though. I thought…).

Amell doesn’t think that will happen though. I mean why do you kill off the title character of the show? He thinks; and I agree; Oliver Queen’s one last thing to do is leave his legacy. Retire, and leave the mantle to someone else. That’s one last thing on the checklist for Oliver Queen, but is that this season? Or is it still somewhere far away?

Amell’s contract as Oliver Queen is up after this season, though he says there is currently negotiations for an extension. So I guess we’ll see what happens. Arrow returns to The CW, Monday October 9th at 8 pm eastern.
Source: Comicbook

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