SONG REVIEW: “Venom” by Eminem

It isn’t too often that Marshall Mathers drops a new sick beat. But these are uncommon times, and uncommon times call for uncommon measures.

Take Sony’s latest motion picture: Venom, starring Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Trek: Nemesis) and Riz Ahmed (“Rogue One? Rogue One.”). Venom is a pretty good what if: What if Venom existed separate from Spider-Man? What if Venom was sorta-kinda-maybe in the MCU but also definitely-maybe-sorta not?

And today, we have another what if to ask: What if Eminem contributed a song to a superhero film?

Wonder no more, ladies and gents, for Slim Shady’s “Venom” has arrived.

“Venom” is a pretty good movie tie-in. Definitely not family friendly, which raises some questions about the upcoming film’s rating. Nevertheless, the beat really puts you in Eddie Brock’s head and tried to be more than a generic tie-in. Sure, Marshall rhymes “Venom” with “em” a lot, but is that really worse than when Peter Cetera rhymed “do” with “oooooo?” Probably not.

You can listen to “Venom” on Spotify bellow.

WOBAM’s score: Pretty Good


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