TV News Bits: The CW Edition

In today’s TV news bits, we’re talking about three shows on The CW! First up:
Black Lightning!

Black Lightning showrunners and producers Salim and Mara Brock Akil confirmed at San Diego Comic Con that they are trying to build a “Lightningverse” as like the “Arrowverse”. It has been confirmed before that Black Lightning is not a part of the Arrowverse, but with the number of Earths in the Arrowverse, it can be brought in should producers choose to do so. But the Akils are intent on building their own world, and so I’m here for it. We’ll see how far their world building goes when Black Lightning returns Tuesday October 9th.

Source: Pretty Brown and Nerdy

Next up, Legends of Tomorrow!

Legends of Tomorrow will not be present during this year’s Arrowverse crossover. The casts’ reasoning is that the Legends have set themselves apart from the rest of the shows, plus in trying to schedule in four shows’ worth of cast, and trying to rearrange schedules, it just wasn’t practical this year. Plus now, the producers can focus in on the remaining three shows, plus the backdoor pilot, and an introduction for Batwoman!

The cast also previewed the monsters, they would be fighting, as well as how Maisie Richardson-Sellers would be returning now that Amaya has returned home. It’ll be interesting to see the new dynamics on the team, especially with Matt Ryan returning to the legends as a season regular. We will find out Monday October 22nd!

Source: TV Line

Finally, we have the original, Arrow!

Colton Haynes said the new showrunner, Beth Schwartz, is making an effort to bring back the magic in the show, and returning it to its roots. That’s not a surprise, as the trailer for season 7 of Arrow has gotten some massive positive reviews. Haynes says not to focus on the cast, but just the feel, and how the way things are.

It’s no secret season 3 and the season that shall not be named of Arrow were enormously unpopular, but the show has come back in the past two seasons. Will we like season 7 better? Guess we’ll find out Monday October 15!

Source: Comic Book

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