VENOM Director Talks Sequel Plans and Lack of White Spider Symbol; New Trailer Coming Soon

Sony showcased its Venom movie at San Diego Comic-Con last week, and since then, we’ve gotten a bunch of news tidbits surrounding the film. Here, we compile a few of them.

Speaking with Comic Book, director Ruben Fleischer confirms that the movie does open the door for sequels down the line. However, it all depends on how people respond to the first film. “We’ve definitely laid some groundwork for different directions that the franchise could go but obviously it all hinges on people’s excitement about this film. I hope people will stay and see what seeds have been planted.”

Venom is expected to kick off a new slate of Sony Marvel movies set in the same universe, featuring titles like Morbius and Silk. The film is also rumored to end with setup for Carnage…maybe played by Woody Harrelson? So, no pressure to succeed.

In a separate interview with IGN, Fleischer confirms that Venom will not have the classic white spider symbol on his chest. The reason why is super obvious. “If you look at the comics, in Venom, there is just elements of white within his suit. Because our character does not originate from Spider-Man, it makes no sense to put a spider on his chest. We tried to be as accurate as we possibly could, even though some people feel it’s inaccurate, but there is a lot of white and we wanted to give him a distinctive pattern.” He elaborates that he wanted to create an original white design to help the character stand out, particularly in night scenes.

Fans have already been overly critical of Venom for severing its ties to Spider-Man, and this move likely won’t help any. That being said, it would be illogical to have the spider symbol (at least now) if Venom has no connections to Spider-Man. Makes more sense to do something original.

And finally, it looks like a new Venom trailer is coming soon. According to Trailer-Track, the trailer (which runs for 2 minutes and 31 seconds) has been classified. It’s unknown when exactly it will be released, but if it’s classified now, it shouldn’t be too long. It should here sometime within the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Venom is scheduled to hit theaters on October 5th. The first installment of Sony’s Marvel Universe stars Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott, Scott Haze, and Woody Harrelson. Ruben Fleischer directs from a script by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner.

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