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GOTHAM Reveals First Look at Bane in Season 5

Fox’s Gotham is heading into its final season next year, and it will formally wrap up its take on the origins of Batman and his enemies. The season will finally introduce Bane to this world, played by actor Shane West. Now, following set leaks, we have a first look at the iconic Batman villain.

Fox has released a first-look promo image for Gotham‘s Bane. Needless to say, his look is sure to spark plenty of discussion amongst fans. Check it out below…

This version of Bane is named Eduardo Dorrance, a former army friend of Jim Gordon’s who goes on to become the legendary supervillain. He will play an integral role in this season, which will end with Bruce Wayne formally embracing his role as Batman. In fact, the series finale will fast-forward 10 years from now and feature the Gotham City that we know, including Batman and his villains.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. Gotham returns next year on Fox.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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