Three Destinies Collide in new DRAGON BALL SUPER: BROLY Trailer

The second trailer to the highly anticipated Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been released. The movie looks like it will be quite dark, with it touching on the origin of the Saiyans. I would even say “insert Superman joke here” when it comes to a specific scene in the trailer. Although, the similarities with Superman is already existing. I’m unsure of which of the two trailers are my favorite. Maybe this one considering how personal and focusing on the story it was in comparison. 

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is hitting theaters for Japan in December this year while getting a US release in January. If you live outside of the states or Japan, you are out of luck as of right now with no release date in sight.

What did you think about the trailer?  Did you like it? Did you not? Comment below or let us now?

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