New SPIDER-MAN Movie Details: MCU Future, INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Franchise, SINISTER SIX Update

Sony has been on a roll with its Marvel properties lately. The studio successfully relaunched its biggest franchise with Marvel Studios in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Venom began its own Marvel Universe with huge box office numbers, and this weekend, the critically acclaimed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was released. Now, the studio is doubling down on its properties for future films.

Vanity Fair published a profile piece on Sony and its efforts towards the Spider-Man franchise. Producer Amy Pascal, along with Into the Spider-Verse‘s Chris Miller and Phil Lord, weigh in on the future. Here are some highlights…

  • Into the Spider-Verse will be getting a sequel, which will revolve around Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen’s budding romance. This is a thread that was cut from the first film. Additionally, Gwen will be headlining the female-based spinoff alongside Cindy Moon/Silk and Jessica Drew/Spider-Women. The producers also see spinoff potential in Peter Porker/Spider-Ham.
  • Before teaming up with Marvel Studios, Sony had plans for several spinoffs in the Amazing Spider-Man universe, such as a Sinister Six movie by writer and director Drew Goddard. The project was seemingly cancelled when the MCU deal was made. However, Amy Pascal is still hoping to make the movie, depending on Goddard’s schedule. “I’m just waiting for Drew to be ready to direct it. I would do anything with Drew Goddard. I’m just waiting for him to tell me he wants to.”
  • With Venom being such a big hit, fans have been worried that Sony will take back sole custody of Spider-Man after the Marvel Studios deal expires next year. However, Pascal really hopes to renew the contract for many more MCU films. “I can only hope for a future where things work out. I’ve known Kevin [Feige] since he was Avi [Arad]’s very, very quiet assistant, who for many years sat in that room listening to us and being so much smarter than any of us without any of us realizing. I will say that working with Marvel has been one of the highlights of my professional career.” Most of the MCU’s future after Avengers: Endgame is under wraps, but here’s hoping that we’ll be seeing plenty more of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.
Stay tuned for more news as we have it. For Vanity Fair’s full piece, click the source link below.
Source: Vanity Fair

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