5 Ideas for More DC Originals by HBO Max

Recently, we have seen a surge in the number of streaming services available to consumers. One upcoming service that seems to stand above the rest is HBO Max. This service will host Warner Bros.‘ massive IP collection, including DC. Specifically, HBO Max will feature original DC shows such as Green Lantern, Strange Adventures, and DC Super Hero High. There is also talk of creating movies for the platform. But why stop there?

The worlds of DC are massive, and they not only need to be properly represented on screen, but they would also continue to boost this new streaming service. Below, we list five DC originals that we want to see on HBO Max.

Batman Beyond

The Batman Beyond property is one that surprisingly hasn’t been touched yet in live action. The premise is perfect: in the future, an elderly Bruce Wayne trains a young man to take on the mantle of Batman. It boasts the enviable Batman brand name while doing something unique. An original series would provide a big boost to HBO Max, and it would finally bring the world of Batman Beyond to live action. Plus, it looks like there are no movie plans for the property, so might as well do it here.

Swamp Thing Season 2

Swamp Thing was one of the most critically acclaimed originals to come from DC Universe. However, it was infamously cancelled right when it premiered. Since then, fans have clamored for the show to be saved, and if DC Universe won’t do it, then maybe HBO Max can. A second season is something that the fans want, and if DCU subscribers are hesitant about having both platforms, then this would help convince them. At the very least, maybe they can do another series featuring Swamp Thing. Justice League Dark perhaps?

The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns is an iconic comic that has inspired much live action Batman lore, ranging from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to even the Arrowverse. So, it’s surprising that a full-on live action adaptation hasn’t happened yet. A movie might be seen as redundant at this point, so why not an HBO Max series? This could provide a fresh new take on the source material, and it could provide something unique in Batman’s TV resume. Plus, after the success of HBO’s Watchmen, the network may want to turn to another celebrated graphic novel.


This one has been heavily requested by fans, and at this point, we wouldn’t be shocked if it happens. Brandon Routh’s Superman returned for The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, taking on a Kingdom Come-esque appearance. Fans loved this version of Superman, leaving them wanting more. With The CW’s DC slate full (including a Superman & Lois spinoff), HBO Max would be the perfect place for a Brandon Routh Superman series. The service would provide the appropriate budget for such a show, and again, it would bring in a ton of new subscribers.

Kingdom Come

Speaking of Kingdom Come, an alternative would be to go all out and adapt the comic. Mark Waid’s iconic Elseworlds tale is my favorite graphic novel ever, and it could be amazing in live action. A big-budget miniseries on HBO Max would be epic. They could either bring in Brandon Routh’s Superman and expand his world, or they could go another route and depict a different Man of Steel. Either way, this is one story that we hope to see in live action eventually.

Which DC properties do you want to see on HBO Max? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @WOBAMEnt.

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