Review: Attack on Titan Junior High

Attack on Titan; a dark, gritty franchise, filled with death and despair. With the franchise being so popular, it’s a no brainer it should get a spin off right? What about a comedy spin-off? Cause that’s what we’re going to talk about, the Attack on Titan comedy spin-off, Attack on Titan Junior High.

Yes, you read that right. Attack on Titan Junior High is a comedy (a slice of life comedy to be exact). Putting the name Attack on Titan and the word comedy next to each other feels like I’m eating a broccoli soup where the main ingredient is supposed to be an oreo dipped in chocolate cream.

In Junior High, we have all the characters from the show that we followed along through the first two seasons of the original. Instead of being their usual selves, the characters you know and love are now parodies of their original. Eren acts like a parody of a Shonen Jump protagonist, Mikasa’s only character trait is that she is obsessed with Eren (insert Notice me Senpai joke here), Levi’s a cleaning fanatic and so forth.

They have changed the art style to a more chibi-like style that works with the bonkers tone. The voice actors did a great job delivering their lines. The one I watched is the Japanese sub (an English dub does exist)

For someone that is a fan of the original, watching this spinoff made me wonder if I had a fever.
BUT(and I hate to admit it), the show did make me laugh a couple of times, and it does have some sweet moments during its insanity.

If you long for something where you can follow the AoT cast without the thought “they are going to die, aren’t they?” in your mind all the time, this is more than likely something for you.

For me, I’m going to give this 6/10 stolen cheeseburgers (watch the show, and you’ll know)

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