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BATWOMAN TV Series in the Works

Batwoman is coming to The CW! But wait. You’re confused. You already knew this from reading this article HERE? There’s more!

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We’re getting a Batwoman TV series! Hollywood Reporter has the details, but we’ll give you the gist.
The series will star Kate Kane, DC Comic’s prominent LGBTQ superhero, street fighter extraordinaire, working on overcoming her demons. Kate will still be officially introduced in the crossover in December, but Greg Berlanti and Caroline Dries(Vampire Diaries, Smallville) are working on writing some scripts for the character if The CW should choose to greenlight a series. It would probably end up being a 13-episode arc for the first season, like Legends of Tomorrow, or Black Lightning.
We do not know who will be playing the Kate Kane, a casting call is set to go out shortly. 
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