Before I start with this review, I never really saw this show all the seasons out. I saw some episodes here and there, but never watched every episode. But with that said. Throughout my watch of Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, it felt like I watched a reverse Mask of Phantasm.

With Mask of the Phantasm, I got the feeling that people went all out, doing a worthy entry of the animated series. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo came off as a last minute attempt to cash in on the fans that desperately wanted some more content based on the show they loved.

The biggest reason for this is the animation. It felt far worse and less alive than the animated show. Even though the script isn’t impressive (to say the least), it’s not the worst thing in the world. It just comes off as someone got a call to write a manuscript for the Teen Titans and was forced to turn it in the next day. One more rewrite and it could have been better.

I give this movie 5/10.

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