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Arrowverse Crossover Gets a Title, Adds The Monitor

A lot of details on this year’s Arrowverse crossover are being kept under wraps. The three-episode event will feature Batwoman, Superman, Lois Lane, Nora Fries, and more characters. We will also be visiting Gotham City and Arkham Asylum. Now, we know what the title is, while a key DC character has been cast.
This year’s crossover event is titled “Elseworlds.” Any diehard DC Comics fan will immediately identify that name. Traditionally, Elseworlds was the name of a banner for non-canon stories by DC. These include Gotham by Gaslight, Superman: Red Son, and Kingdom Come. It’s unclear exactly what that means for the Arrowverse, but it’s an indication that this crossover will be bigger than expected.
Additionally, we have casting for an interesting character from DC lore. LaMonica Garrett (Sons of Anarchy) has been cast as Mar Novu, an extraterrestrial being of infinite power known as The Monitor. In the comics, Monitor has near-infinite knowledge of the Multiverse, and he plays a crucial roles in Crisis stories such as Crisis on Infinite Earths. We know that The Flash has been building up to that story; could Monitor be involved there too?
Also, Monitor is the twin of Anti-Monitor, a very powerful villain in DC lore. While unconfirmed, this opens the door to him joining the Arrowverse down the line too. Co-creator George Pérez is illustrating new artwork of Monitor based on his Arrowverse appearance.
Stay tuned for more news as we have it.
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