Rumored SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Plot Details Tease New Tone and Setting

Despite being a major financial success in 2016, Warner Bros. has taken its time with making a sequel to Suicide Squad. The film was originally set to begin production this fall, before being pushed back to accommodate the cast’s busy schedules. Then, it was delayed even more when WB prioritized Birds of Prey, starring Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, which will begin production early next year. But, it looks like we have some new details.

Our friends at SuperBroMovies shared some intel from @DanielRPK on Suicide Squad 2. Apparently, director Gavin O’Conner and team want to tell a grounded, black ops-style story, which could be rated R. The team is doing this to differentiate from the first film. Also, the sequel will reportedly spend a lot of time in the Middle East. While they originally wanted to introduce Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam here, the character has since been written out, due to Johnson’s schedule. Thus, another “notable” DC character will appear in his place.

In other news, screenwriter Todd Stashwick spoke with Discussing Film. He confirms that the Suicide Squad 2 script has been finished, and while he won’t share much more, he says that the hope is to tell an “exciting” story that deepens the characters.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more news about this movie soon. Stay tuned.

Sources: SuperBroMoviesDiscussing Film

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