VENOM: An Interview with the Director

In a couple of weeks, Venom enters the theater screens. People seem to be quite mixed about it, mostly because of the lack of Spider-Man. I’m looking forward to this, and happy about no Spider-Man (as far as we know right now)  but that’s a post for another time.

If you hunger for more information, I have some good news for you. Fandango recently interviewed the movie’s director.

He talked about an aspect that makes me very excited about the film. In case, you did not know, one of the major influence. They approach the movie as a werewolf movie. How the movie An American Werewolf in London was an inspiration together with directors David Cronenberg and John Carpenter.

If you wonder what comic book they looked at, look no further then The Lethal Protector. For you that are unaware of that comic book, it was a story line that ran from February 1993 to July 1993, written by David Micheline. It showed how Venom progressed from a pure villain to an Anti-Hero.

He also mentions, for those that are disappointed by the PG-13, Ruben claims that there is a possibility for an unrated cut down the line, and remind you all to stay through the credits

Source: Fandango

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