FEATURE: Five Characters We Want to See in VENOM 2

Sony has big franchise plans for Venom if it succeeds, hoping to expand the universe with sequels and spinoffs. While a sequel hasn’t been formally announced just yet, the film is expected to lay the groundwork for future installments. For example, Woody Harrelson says that he has a small role in Venom, but it sets up a bigger role in the sequel.
So, assuming Venom gets a sequel, which characters will appear? Here, we list five characters that we’d like to see. We won’t be including Carnage, since he is rumored to be Harrelson’s character.
Lonnie Lincoln is a hitman and enforcer in New York, serving as one of Spider-Man’s more grounded villains. He’s a highly skilled fighter, and he has superhuman strength to boot. There are currently no plans to bring Tombstone into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (on film or television), so why not throw him into Venom 2? He would be a good opponent for Eddie Brock, and the crime lord figure would be very different from the first film’s Life Foundation. Maybe have Eddie oppose him in both his journalism and as a Symbiotic antihero.
Mister Negative
Martin Li is the Kingpin of crime in Chinatown, under the alias Mister Negative. Like Tombstone, Mister Negative would be a good crime lord to use if Venom 2 took a slightly more grounded approach. However, Mister Negative’s powers are a little more fantastical; he can change his appearance to a negative of himself, and he can control black electrical energy, among other things. Li and Negative are two different personas, switching from one to another. This type of duality could be an interesting contrast to the conflict between Eddie and the Symbiote. Also, Mister Negative plays a key role in the wildly successful Spider-Man PS4 game, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s in a movie.
The most recent addition to Venom’s comic book lore is Knull. In a game-changing twist, Knull reveals himself to be the God of the Symbiotes, and he seeks to purge Eddie’s Symbiote from humanity’s influence upon it. This completely reconstructs Venom’s origin story, and seeing it in the movies could be really fascinating. If done right, it could make the movies infinitely more interesting. It would further explore the Symbiote’s cosmic origins, and it would make the universe feel bigger. Plus, I just want to see a giant Symbiote dragon flying around town.
Morbius the Living Vampire
There are plans to introduce multiple heroes and villains into Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC), so featuring at least one of them in a Venom sequel is logical. Really, any of them can work, but I just randomly picked Morbius the Living Vampire. Jared Leto is playing Morbius in his own movie, which is planning to begin shooting in November. After that, having him meet Venom would be cool. Both characters have horror influences, so putting them together would be a neat way to compare and contrast them. And it’d be a good way to make the SUMC feel more connected.
I’m going to end this list with the most obvious choice. Fans have been vocal about wanting to see Spider-Man and Venom together in a movie. In fact, most would argue that Venom can’t work without the Web-Slinger. Fortunately, there seems to be interest – at least from Sony – in doing a crossover eventually. And really, putting Spider-Man in a Venom sequel (or Venom in a Spider-Man sequel, whatever makes the most sense) is a no-brainer. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker could be the glue that ties the SUMC to the rest of the MCU. But, we’d have to see if Marvel would even want to cross them over. If not….bring Andrew Garfield back?
Honorable Mentions: Black Cat, Silver Sable, Silk, Jackpot, Anti-Venom

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