Rumor: Has Warner Bros. Found a New Actor for THE BATMAN?

So Ben Affleck is out as Batman, or at least we think he is. I know, we’ve gone through this a thousand times at this point, but hear us out. Our friends at That Hashtag Show dropped some new details that involve Ben Affleck, Warner Bros., and a young actor. This’ll be fun.

Early last week Affleck met with WB execs. Now, this can mean multiple things. He could’ve met with them regarding almost anything, but we’re hoping it was for The Batman. According to That Hashtag Show, Affleck not only met with Warner Bros. executives, but possibly Jack O’Connell (Godless) too. So could this meeting have been about a potential replacement for Affleck? Well, it can be a couple of things.

O’Connell could also be meeting with them about another role in the film. They said that other members of the Bat-Family might appear. They can be trying to see if he and Affleck have chemistry need for Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, or Jason Todd, or even Tim Drake. That being said, with so much uncertainty surrounding Affleck’s involvement in the DC franchise, it wouldn’t be out of the question that O’Connell is up for a young Bruce Wayne. Affleck is still attached as a producer, so him being involved with casting isn’t a crazy possibility.

With all of that in mind this still just a rumor. So take all of it with a grain of salt. Still, it’s very interesting. For more on The Batman and everything in the Worlds of DC, stay tuned.

Source: That Hashtag Show

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