Simon Kinberg Explains DARK PHOENIX Delay, Teases NEW MUTANTS Rating

Next year, 20th Century Fox will release two installments in the X-Men universe: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants. The two movies have been delayed multiple times in order to undergo reshoots. Most recently, Dark Phoenix was pushed back from February 14th to June 7th….two days after the first trailer came out. Now, that movie’s director has explained the delay, and he also has an update on the next film.

Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg tells Collider that the film was delayed for a variety of reasons, such as extra time for visual effects. But most importantly, the new release date gives it an opportunity to have a bigger opening. “Some of the trailers had ‘Coming Soon’ on them and some of them said ‘February 14th.’ It was a date, February 14th, that we initially liked for the movie but when we realized that we weren’t gonna have the visual effects ready to release it globally the way we wanted to, and the Gambit date opened up because it wasn’t gonna be ready for that June 7th date. We looked at that date versus the February 14th date, the studio did and we did, we felt like that June date was a bigger opportunity for us globally. More screens, more IMAX screens, a better chance to play in China where these movies have a massive following. What we found when we released the trailer was that 44, 45 million views of the trailer were in China alone…” Kinberg goes on to admit that releasing the trailer before the release date change was not the best move, but reaffirms that the decision wasn’t made until after the fact.

As for reshoots, Kinberg explains that they were more focused on increasing the action and emotion of the third act, with a few tweaks in the first two acts. Two and a half weeks were spent on the reshoots, which is on par with the usual amount of time for superhero movies. This one just needs more time in post-production because of the CGI.

Moving on, Kinberg talks about the next film, The New Mutants, which he is producing. He says that reshoots have not happened at this time. While director Josh Boone has said that this would be a PG-13 movie, Kinberg says that there’s no mandate on a rating, and after reshoots, it could go into R territory. “It’s the kind of movie that could go R, or it could be a hard PG-13. As I was saying before in terms of subgenres or the genre, it is obviously teased as a horror film, and most horror films these days are R-rated, but it stars a very young cast, so we’ll see. It really is what the movie wants to be. The studio is open to either rating…” So, we’ll see what its final rating will be at the end of post-production.

Dark Phoenix opens on June 7th, while The New Mutants releases on August 2nd, 2019.

Source: Collider

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