Opinion: Why Venom Should Be the Spider-Man of Sony’s Marvel Universe

No matter
if you are in camp “hype” or camp “I hope this bomb,” it does not change the
fact that there has been a controversy about this since day one. I’m of course
talking about the idea of giving Venom an origin separate to Spider-Man.

As a fan of comic books in general, I have to admit that I’m in the camp of why?
Why can’t they do that? If anything, I think you could cover some interesting areas with Venom without
connecting to a Spider-Man alter ego. Before you attack me with your nuclear
bombs, pitchforks or what have you, allow me to explain.

With the expected absorption of 20 Century Fox which Disney will be doing, the comic
book community is soon going to lose a big voice. The voice which started it
all considering X-Men ended the dark age that comic-book lied in once.

I’m not saying that every MCU movie is identical. Every movie has a specific flair
to it, that shows how it is in the same universe as each other. The same goes
for its competitor (with exception of Justice League).

Here is where the dissing Spider-Man aspect comes in.  A cinematic universe, where only villains and
anti-heroes exist could be something that would differ from the competition.
Don’t get me wrong. The notion of having Spider-Manfight characters like Venom
(done right), Kraven or Chameleon on the big screen is something that I would
enjoy watching.

Even with that in mind, the aspect of exploring new ideas feels far more
interesting than more of the same. Doing stuff like Kraven The Last Hunt, but change
it so that Venom being the one hunted. Imagine the dynamic you could explore,
between Venom and Kraven, compared to yet another good guy against the bad guy
(something we have plenty off, to begin with)

Why not mix it up, where you understand both viewpoints, where no one is really
“right or wrong”?. For the record, I’m not one of them that are clamoring for “the
end of comic book movies” every year. But I am a champion of the genre to spice
things up. Let the genre dear to try something new.

I will end this piece off with this. If you are still in the camp that firmly believes
that Venom has to have Spider-Man because A, B, and C.  That’s fine. But I hope this opinion piece
gives you an understanding, of why a random individual like me is open to the

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