Our 5 Favorite Moments from DC Fandome 2020 (Part 1)

DC Entertainment tried something new this year. Instead of the usual San Diego Comic-Con panels or out-of-nowhere announcements, the studio held a digital convention for its projects. Dubbed “DC Fandome,” the convention puts the spotlight on upcoming films, television shows, video games, and more. In fact, it was so big, DC decided to split it…Continue Reading “Our 5 Favorite Moments from DC Fandome 2020 (Part 1)”

We Played Marvel’s Avengers and Had Fun

For so long, we wondered: “What type of game is Square Enix making?” Marvel’s Avengers is nothing like Insomniac’s Spider-Man or Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy, or even NetherRealm’s Injustice series. It’s a strange situation. Thankfully, this past weekend we got to beta test the Avengers game and discovered that it’s an entirely new experience. Avengers is not the single-player adventure…Continue Reading “We Played Marvel’s Avengers and Had Fun”

Video Game Review: FAIRY TAIL (2020)

When I saw that Koei Tecmo were assigned on another anime licensed video game, it got my curiosity, due to their Attack on Titan game that I reviewed. But when I found out that it was going to be a game based on the manga Fairy Tail, it certainly got my attention. Unlike the Attack…Continue Reading “Video Game Review: FAIRY TAIL (2020)”

5 More SPIDER-MAN Video Games We Want to See

When it comes to superhero video games, few characters have had more titles than Spider-Man. The Marvel web-slinger has headlined countless games across multiple generations of consoles. Whether it’s original stories, film tie-ins or guest appearances in other games, Spidey is everywhere. Most recently, the character starred in Marvel’s Spider-Man, a PlayStation 4 exclusive that…Continue Reading “5 More SPIDER-MAN Video Games We Want to See”

BATMAN: DEATH IN THE FAMILY Allows Let’s You Choose Your Own Adventure

WBHE has announced a new collection of DC shorts and a new interactive adventure! DC Showcase – Batman: Death in the Family will be available later this year. Check out the full details down below. Batman: A Death in the Family is one of the most iconic stories in comic book history. DC Comics proposed…Continue Reading “BATMAN: DEATH IN THE FAMILY Allows Let’s You Choose Your Own Adventure”

5 More Video Games That Should Get a Live Action Adaptation

Video game adaptations have had a bad rep forever, but in recent years, the subgenre has shown improvement. Films such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Tomb Raider have been solid, while Castlevania has an outstanding anime series on Netflix. Currently, new properties like Uncharted and Monster Hunter are being adapted, with reboots of Mario and…Continue Reading “5 More Video Games That Should Get a Live Action Adaptation”


Mario’s latest journey makes its way to the Nintendo Switch in Paper Mario: The Origami King. When the evil King Olly ventures to turn the world into an Origami Masterpiece, it is up to our favorite thinly-sliced plumber and Plumber Olivia to save it from the Origami King’s sinister plans. Paper Mario is a franchise…Continue Reading “Review: PAPER MARIO: THE ORIGAMI KING (2020)”

5 More DC Movies That Should Get a Spinoff Series on HBO Max

Since its launch, HBO Max has added many high-profile originals to its programming lineup. Most prominently, DC Entertainment has been the source of some originals. These range from Doom Patrol (a co-production with DC Universe) to a Green Lantern series to even Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Most recently, it was announced that Matt Reeves’ The…Continue Reading “5 More DC Movies That Should Get a Spinoff Series on HBO Max”

REVIEW: The Last of Us Part II

Warning: this review contains major spoilers and discussion of violence. If you don’t wanna be spoiled, this is your last chance. We’re talking awayI don’t know what I’m to sayI’ll say it anyway “Take On Me,” a-ha When a work of fiction leaves me speechless at the end, it says a lot about the power…Continue Reading “REVIEW: The Last of Us Part II”

How HAMILTON’S Lost Song Changed Everything

If you listened to the cast album of Hamilton, you pretty much had the entire play pumped into your ears long before the musical landed on Disney+. There are minor differences you’ll notice when watching it up close for the first time, like King George’s damp performance in You’ll Be Back or how My Shot…Continue Reading “How HAMILTON’S Lost Song Changed Everything”