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I didn’t
want to watch this. But what can you do when you have someone pointing two
katanas at you while strapping you down with the help of ducktape. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a failed attempt of this katana-wielding supposed best friend. While I
can’t see how this individual has a best friend (I’m kidding I’m kidding Mr. Pool), I have to admit that this truly is a
failure of a movie.

The movie starts off strong with the backstory of Wolverine (played by the everyone’s favorite Austrailian actor Hugh Jackman) and Sabertooth (played by Live Schreiber),
two mutant brothers born in the 1800s (not the best time for mutants, something
me and Mr. Pool seem to agree with). Yes, these two individuals aren’t supposed
to be brothers in the comics. But making this supposed change doesn’t make the
movie better or worse.

This movie is said to be a victim of production problem (mostly because of the behavior
from the CEOs they had at the time) which is something I can easily believe.
Even though the movie is full of facepalm-worthy moments, it has good things
(besides the short origin story at the beginning)  in it (Listen before you cut me, Mr. Wilson,
please.) Hugh Jackman’s performance as the Wolverine, the chemistry between him
and Schrieber, and last of all the score (it’s not fantastic but it works for a
movie like this. .

The most idiotic part is how they handle the legendary merc with the mouth. The
mutant that reign supreme over everyone else. But at least Ryan Reynolds made a
fabulous job with what he had to work with (and Mr. Pool luckily don’t hold any
grudges against the supposed Scott Adkins who plays him while the mouth is

Overall, the movie is just a tragic case of missed opportunity. A missed
opportunity when it comes to introducing the world to our grand savior Deadpool
and the origin story of our favorite loner Batman. I mean Wolverine.

Overal, the movie is a mediocre
mess. While this is far from a good movie, I can admit that I have seen worse comic book movies (Steel, Elektra, Supergirl anyone?)

The only reason to see this is if you are
a Fox-men purist and needs to see them all. But then again, if you are an X-men purist, you most likely saw it already.

I give this one 4/10.

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