BLACK PANTHER Finally Crossing $700 Million in Domestic Box Office

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther took the box office by storm earlier this year, breaking record after record after record. Even after its Blu-Ray release in May – plus Avengers: Infinity War in theaters too – the film still kept making money in theaters. Now, six months after release, it’s finally hitting one more key milestone.

Per Variety, Black Panther is reaching the $700 million mark at the domestic box office this weekend. The movie has been sitting around $699 million forever, inching closer and closer to $700 million. But an unexpected theater boost this week is pushing the film over.

Black Panther is the first superhero movie to cross $700 million domestically, and it’s only the third film in history to do so, following Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936 million) and Avatar ($760 million). Worldwide, the film is sitting at $1.35 billion, making it the fourth biggest title in the MCU (aka, the biggest non-Avengers movie).

This is a truly amazing accomplishment for an even more amazing movie. It only cements Black Panther’s place at the forefront of the MCU’s future. (Well, after they undo Infinity War‘s ending that is…)

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