Sony Outlines Slate for its Marvel Movie Universe – SILVER SABLE, BLACK CAT, JACKPOT, VENOM’s Rating and More

We’ve known for a while that Sony is planning its own Marvel Universe, using various characters from Spider-Man lore. Venom kicks things off this fall, while the studio put Silver & Black, Morbius the Living Vampire, Nightwatch, Silk, and Kraven the Hunter into development. Now, the studio has made some major changes to its slate.

  • Sony is ready to go in on creating sequels and spinoffs if Venom is a hit. And, based on long-range tracking, it sounds like the film will at least have a good opening. The franchise already has an internal name too: Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, or SUMC for short.
  • As part of the studio’s reworking, Silver & Black has been scrapped. Instead, solo movies starring Black Cat and Silver Sable are in the works instead. The former will likely happen first. Filmmaker Gina Prince-Bythewood is unlikely to direct either movie, but she will be producing both. Either way, Sony is determined to have female directors on board.
  • Meanwhile, Sony has also put a Jackpot movie into development. The studio is currently seeking a writer. The film will revolve around an older vigilante – likely in her mid-40s, a contrast from other superhero movies. In the comics, two characters took the Jackpot mantle: Sara Ehret and Alana Jobson. No word on which one will be in the movie, but Sony is invested in diversifying its movies, with both people in front of and behind the camera.
  • Also, Sony is experimenting with budget ranges, while there isn’t a single producer overseeing everything, a la Kevin Feige at Marvel or Walter Hamada at DC. And while the studio is interested in doing adult-oriented movies like Logan and Deadpool, that may not happen with Venom after all.
  • Despite having horror elements, Sony executives want Venom to stick to a hard PG-13 without going into R-rated territory. Why? Well, the studio is keeping the door open for a potential Spider-Man crossover down the line. Obviously, Spider-Man is a beloved superhero among kids, and crossing him over with an R-rated franchise would be….questionable. Regardless, this move comes as Sony’s relationship with Marvel improves. The studio is interested in having its Spider-Man characters pop up in the MCU, and would likely want some MCU characters in its movies too.

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Source: Variety

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